The Demon Uprising

by Kerry Adcock

Jacob “Jake” Taft is enjoying his time as a rancher after serving in the US Army as a covert ops Major. But strange happenings on his ranch and around the world have him questioning the story on TV. That is—until an Angel shows up and gives Jake the ability to see demons.

All around the world, chaos is ensuing—one event in particular being the abduction of The President of the United States’ daughter, Ann Campbell. And when the FBI are called in to investigate, they are charged with bringing her back at all costs.

As people in various parts of the country continue fighting the demon known as Ghazi, they are all unknowingly led to the same place—where the demon’s ultimate goal of supremacy and mass murder is discovered.

But can FBI agents who don’t believe in God, believe that Demons really do exist?

Will Jake and his team be able to save the US and, eventually, the world from a demon who’s been planning his takeover for nearly 3,000 years?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological