The Desperation of Harry

by E Ryan Janz

Shocks and secrets pack this dark humored story based on actual events, as twenty-three-year-old, Monty Hill, leaves his Midwestern roots for 1977 Hollywood with dreams of becoming a major screenwriter. He settles into a near fantasy existence surrounded by swimming pools, palm trees and beautiful women. He meets his new neighbor, Harry, a mysterious yet endearing man who in hopes to assist Monty financially, inadvertently entangles him with a seemingly dangerous producer of pornographic films. Meanwhile, an unidentified pedophile looms in the background, inexplicably relating his own brief narratives. While Monty weaves his way through various obstacles and relationships, this is a tale that reinforces Harry’s warning to Monty upon their first chance meeting – that people are not always as they seem.

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Category: Mystery – Historical