The Detective Next Door

by W.C. Gordon

An accidental murder, a dismembered corpse, and a web of lies haunts this gripping debut from Gordon. The protagonist is a regular cop who likes to do his duty with as much diligence as possible and be left alone otherwise. What when a break-in turns deadly, the fact that he, a white cop, killed a man of color forces him to cover up the murder. As the police investigation closes in, he finds himself scrambling to come up with an escape plan. With his experience as a law enforcement officer, Gordon gives a fresh twist to the usual genre tropes: the nitty gritty of the inner workings of law enforcement, the investigative details, and red herrings. Despite its grim theme, the story makes for a breezy read. The fast-paced narrative, the sly, dark humor, and the increasingly complex life of the protagonist make this a must-read for lovers of psychological thrillers.

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Category: Crime Fiction