The Devil’s Brigade

by Samuel Marquis

In this first thriller in the Nick Lassiter-Skyler International Espionage Series, Everyman Nick Lassiter becomes an unwitting intelligence operative. As he celebrates his 30th birthday with friends, he’s also a man in crisis: he’s lost his girlfriend and job, is wanted by the police, and has discovered that his unpublished thriller, Blind Thrust, has been stolen and turned into a blockbuster movie called Subterranean Storm. Even worse, the movie is based on a soon-to-be bestselling novel by Australian thriller writer Cameron Beckett, one of the world’s biggest authors. Rather than seek revenge through a financial settlement or public humiliation, Lassiter sets out for New York to obtain mea culpas from Beckett and his renowned literary agent, whom he is certain colluded with the Aussie in stealing his debut novel.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime