The Devil’s Trident

by George Norris

Ten years after a top-secret mission in Afghanistan, retired NYPD Detective and Navy SEAL Michael Keough finds himself about to hit rock bottom. He’s divorced from his wife and instead married to the bottle. Then, on a cool fall evening, a volley of gunfire erupts outside his apartment. When he discovers his partner mortally wounded, it changes everything.
As the dust settles, Keough learns that three of the six people involved in the mission are dead. A fourth is missing. Keough can’t help but wonder if the rounds that cut down his partner were meant for him.
First Grade Detective and media darling Rocco Locatelli catches the case. He vows to follow the evidence wherever it leads. Locatelli, however, is ordered by department brass to stand down and close out the investigation. Having gone up against the department previously, Locatelli has been labeled a renegade – a designation he embraces. Locatelli pushes back against the department’s hierarchy in search of the truth; meanwhile, Keough is forced into a life-and-death situation and will have to face the consequences of his actions a decade earlier.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies