The Divinity Complex

by P.H. Figur

Jack was the most prolific serial killer in history. But Jack’s targets weren’t random. They were people who in Jack’s eyes deserved to die. That’s because Jack believed in the divine power between life and death.
Jameson Bradford III was founder of the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. For Jameson, money wasn’t enough; he sought something money couldn’t buy. Jameson wanted divine power to control everything, including the behaviors of all mankind.
In a small town in Wyoming, Jameson’s company is studying the most extreme forms of human behavior. The objective is to develop a mind-altering drug enabling Jameson to fulfill his wish. But to be successful, the project had to take on the biggest challenge of them all…to understand the delusional mind of a serial killer. A killer by the name of Jack. What could possibly go wrong?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological