The Dr Harrison Lane mysteries books 1-3: Crime thriller box set

by Gwyn GB

He’s the ritualistic crime psychologist helping police track killers, but it’s the dark shadows in his own past that hunt him…

Read the first THREE gripping mystery thrillers featuring a unique crime solving hero from an Amazon Top 20 bestselling author.

Includes 3 novels:
Preacher Boy: Police fear a Satanic cult when a boy’s body is found, and another kidnapped. Can Harrison track down the killer before it’s too late?

The Horsemen: A herd of wild horses stand guard over a body on the Cambridgeshire Fens. A mysterious secret association within the world of horse racing. Only one man can untangle the truth.

Dark Order: A university society turned dark and murderous. A phantom monk haunting the streets. Can Harrison uncover the truth before another student dies?

Harrison was raised by a bohemian mother and one of the Native American Shadow
Wolves – the elite tracking squad who work with US Drug enforcers. Grief stricken after his mother was murdered, Harrison vowed to find her killers, and unmask anyone hiding behind religion and spiritualism to commit evil.

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Category: Crime Fiction