The Eager Assassin

by Richard Scott

The second Tony Dantry novel, but this time the threat is much closer to home. Ziad Azim, a radical terrorist from Yemen and educated in London, focuses his jihadist efforts on American targets. Azim is smart, polished and elusive. Even his own associates can’t always keep up with him. His targets are calculated to throw fear and terror into every American’s heart. He plans to do this by insuring that no American, no matter where he or she lives, will ever feel safe again.
Dantry becomes involved because Ryan Harmon, a friend of long standing and a one-time Navy Seal comes to Tony to inform him that he suspects some of his fellow employees in a prominent high tech firm of being terrorists. Speaking of high tech, as usual in the Tony Dantry novels, you’ll find plenty of the latest spy gadgetry.
At first Dantry is not convinced that Harmon’s suspicions have any merit because they seem utterly implausible, but eventually he comes around. Soon Dantry, his girlfriend Joanna Barbeau and Harmon find themselves working alongside the FBI, trying to keep pace with the evil mastermind terrorist threat that manages to keep one step ahead of them at every turn.

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Category: Thrillers – Terrorism