The Emerald Circle

by L. Rosenman

A five-year-old child is kidnapped in a small town in northern Israel. The secret behind her disappearance forces her parents to face a terrible crisis. Mutually suspicious, they embark separately on a demanding, life-changing quest to find their daughter. They find themselves in a mysterious, life-threatening place, controlled by a leader who intends to purify the world with the aid of genetic engineering. Corporate leaders with dark motives and the Israeli Mossad are all involved in the plot. The Emerald Circle is an additional dimension paralleling our reality, in which all events are more clearly seen. Both earthly and metaphysical layers guide the heroes’ actions. But the solution for the chaos and the turbulent events of the plot can be resolved only on the level of reality itself. In this reality, each passing day increases the danger that the little girl will never be found.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers