Churchill’s Rogue

by John Righten

December 1937. Winston Churchill asks a former adversary, Sean Ryan, for his help to save a woman and her son. Ryan agrees to help, but on his terms. They, and other refugees, are being hunted by a specially formed SS unit, the Alpha Wolves. They are led by Major Krak, a psychopath, known by his enemies – he has no friends – as Cerberus. Ryan encounters a formidable woman, Lenka, and other ‘Rogues’ who have their own personal reasons for helping those trying to escape their Nazi pursuers. The Rogues were born of struggle. Each forged in the flames of the Irish or Spanish Civil Wars, the Great Depression or the Russian Revolution, and we learn how they fought, suffered and lost those they loved. Despite their bitter personal rivalries, the Rogues join forces in a desperate race to save as many families as they can. However, for each of the Rogues the cost of the struggle comes at a terrible price. Meanwhile, Churchill stands alone, ridiculed by governments desperate to appease the evil stealing towards them.

Thus, begins the rousing story of the men and woman who dare to challenge the Nazis. Churchill’s Rogue is the first novel in The Rogues Trilogy, followed by The Gathering Storm and The Darkest Hour, which chronicle the deadly encounters between the Rogues and Cerberus’s elite legion of executioners.

Churchill’s Rogue was short-listed for the Wilbur Smith Inaugural Adventure Awards.

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Category: Thrillers – Assassinations