The Eyes of Others: A Watchtower Thriller

by Mikael T Carlson

A traitor is selling America’s secrets to the highest bidder. As FBI counterintelligence mobilizes to neutralize the threat, senators in Washington seek to exploit the crisis for political gain. With soldiers dying and government agencies pointing fingers at each other, a high-profile death causes a public uproar that increases pressure on the nation’s politicians to find a scapegoat to save themselves. Now they’ve found one. Hampered by strange dreams after an automobile accident aggravates an old traumatic brain injury, former soldier and intelligence committee staffer “Boston” Hollinger enlists the help of an attractive doctor to get to the bottom of the mystery. Together, they come to understand his condition’s true nature ― he’s not dreaming but somehow accessing other people’s memories while he sleeps.

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Category: Thrillers – Political