The Family Tree: a psychological thriller

by S.K. Grice

She thought there’d been no witnesses.
She thought he’d never be found.
Until the leaves arrived.

Jolene Parker wants nothing more than to be awarded custody of her children after her alcoholism and OCD rituals uprooted her family. But when a cold case involving a local man’s mysterious disappearance suddenly re-opens, a secret from her past forces her into a twisted game of lies and deceit.

To save her family and her freedom, Jolene must continue to conceal what really happened that night…but the sinister letters arriving in the mail rekindle the same crazed paranoia that destroyed her life before. When the police begin searching around a majestic oak tree on her property, Jolene can obsess about nothing else.

Someone knows.

But had there really been a figure standing the shadows that night , a witness to Jolene’s unforgiveable crime? Or is the real danger the darkness within her own mind?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological