The Fatal Family Function

by Wynn Kelly

Jamie Sharpe is adoring her new role managing the Terrowin Hotel. But Grandpa Sharpe has alluded that the mysterious hotel, a legacy passed down from her uncle, could contain secrets and treasures too dangerous to unearth.

When she’s invited to a gathering at the historic Story Mansion for the Gloucester family reunion, she eagerly accepts. Jamie is hoping to get the elderly Evelyn Gloucester, an old family friend of the Sharpes, to finally reveal some of the Terrowin’s carefully guarded secrets.

But then she finds Evelyn’s dead body in the old servant’s quarters, and suddenly she’s swept into a new and more terrifying mystery. Which of Evelyn’s grandchildren could have killed her, and why?

The answer is further complicated when Evelyn’s will mentions a priceless artifact hidden at the Terrowin many decades earlier. Each of the grandchildren begins their own quest scouring the deepest and darkest passageways within the Hotel.

Jamie gets wrangled into the thrill of the hunt herself, but it’s a dangerous line she’s walking. With the police no closer to a suspect for the murder, can she solve the case and discover the treasure before it happens again?

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy