The Final Alibi

by Simon King

A jailed killer. A new string of murders. Copycat or something worse?
Harry Lightman, dubbed the Daylesford Devil, has sat in a prison cell for almost twenty years, the country’s worst serial killer on record. When a new string of murders begins, each bearing the distinct mark of an evil long thought locked up, terror rips through a community still bearing the scars.
Jim Lawson has spent decades trying to forget the monster he put behind bars. Labelled as the man who captured the devil, law enforcement calls on his help a second time, to lend his expertise on tracking serial killers. But this is no ordinary killer and Jim will have to face some old demons if he’s to have any chance of ending the murders. Will he uncover the truth in time to stop the killing, or has the Devil fooled them all, hellbent on the town’s ultimate destruction?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological