The Fire She Started

by M.C. Castille

Sophia Cordova-Jones set out to build a better life for her autistic son, only to end up on a collision course with a killer.

She’s a hard-working single mom struggling to keep her job after drawing the ire of a sexist boss—a man who wants her fired. While her passion lies in being an author, she has to pay the bills and provide medical care for her son following a difficult divorce.

She was vulnerable and alone . . .

Eddie Caruso, the charismatic new guy, offers a shoulder to cry on and more importantly, a way out. If Sophia invests in his side business, he promises a return that will pay her mortgage and her son’s mounting expenses. She reluctantly accepts, hoping that the risk will pay off.

As the business begins to turn a profit, a shocking twist of events sends Sophia’s life into turmoil and destroys her sense of security. After a series of threatening phone calls and a hit-and-run accident, she’s more desperate than ever to protect her son.

When Eddie’s wife is murdered, a sadistic killer emerges, threatening everything Sophia holds dear. To unmask a monster and bring a murderer to justice, she will have to face what she fears most—the truth.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological