The Girl Who Made Them Pay

by Tikiri Herath

After a terrifying abduction at Heathrow Airport, Asha will stop at nothing to find out who kidnapped Katy — who vanished in front of her eyes. But as her search leads her into the dark underbelly of Europe, she risks running out of time…

A heart-racing thriller!

What readers are saying on Goodreads:
– “A superb edge-of-your-seat action crime thriller. Go read it!”
– “Exciting and action-packed from beginning to end…”
– “Well written, well researched and if this was a movie I do believe it will be a blockbuster.”
– “Kidnapping and vanishing into thin air, how will this all end. Couldn’t stop reading. Definitely can’t wait for the next one.
– “A terrific book! This story grabs you at the very beginning and doesn’t let go.”
– “This is a thrilling and intriguing read. I loved every bit of it, I find it hard to put down.”

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Category: Crime Fiction