The Gold Coin Murder

by Jack Parker Connolly

How do you find the killer of a man everybody hated?

Detective Alrich Mousavi is tasked with investigating a death in the least likely of places – a videogame convention. A legend of the industry, Masa Fujizawa, has perished from a nut allergy.

As Mousavi digs deeper, he begins to suspect Masa’s death was no accident, embroiling himself in a world of scandal, corruption, and bad blood. There’s no shortage of motives, and Mousavi must act quickly to solve the case before the murderer is lost and it’s game over.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

Criminal on Camera

by Jack Parker Connolly

Lights, camera, murder!

A sleepy afternoon is disrupted when Detective Alrich Mousavi receives a strange phone call. A film director asks to interview him about one of his more scandalous cases, and reluctantly, Mousavi agrees.

The detective heads to Pacific East Aquarium – the scene of the crime in question. At first, the shoot appears to be going smoothly, until a crew member is found dead in one of the exhibits.

There’s a murderer afoot, and the answer to their identity lies somewhere in the film footage. Between missing evidence and dangerous reptiles, Mousavi must learn to keep his head above water if he wants to catch the cunning killer!

$0.99 Previously $2.99