The Greatest Good

by Craig N. Hooper

‘Everything a suspense reader could desire.” Midwest Book Review

Back on the job after a year’s suspension, disgraced agent Garrison Chase is determined to redeem himself in the Bureau’s eyes. Which should be easy, given his assignment is a routine protection detail for Stanley Tuchek, the California Governor’s son. But on the first morning of protection an intruder breaks into Chase’s home. When the cops arrive and discover Chase’s unusual collection of weapons, he’s taken to the local police station for questioning. By the time Chase catches up with the governor’s son, Stanley gets shot, and Chase starts to suspect this might all have something to do with his own murky black-ops past.

Though he’s pulled off protection, and ordered to stay away from Stanley, Chase won’t let the case go. Desperate to figure out what’s going on, Chase begins an unofficial investigation that takes him from a bullet ridden confrontation with a government hitman to a conspiracy that reaches to the highest level of American intelligence. With no-one to trust, and the line between good and evil becoming increasingly blurred, Garrison Chase must do everything in his power to uncover the truth, stop the conspiracy, and bring down the players involved.

Perfect for fans of Reacher, Bosch, and Bourne.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Thrillers – Crime