The Harbinger of Vengeance: Author’s Enhanced Edition

by Jon Athan

Shawn Scott has the perfect life—a rewarding career, a nice house, a loving wife with a healthy baby on the way. But after running into an old acquaintance—a strange man named Aiden Anderson—his life is thrown into a terrifying tailspin. Aiden knows Shawn’s darkest secrets. And he wants to punish Shawn for his history of ruthless bullying by playing a special ‘game.’

Shawn must complete five challenges reflecting the bullying of their past, each one more disturbing than the last. If he fails or quits, his worst secrets will be revealed to the world—secrets with the power to ruin his life.

“The bullied becomes the bully… and the bully becomes the bullied.”

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Suspense