The Harry Starke Series: Books 1-3

by Blair Howard

Three complete novels. More than 300 five and four-star reviews. Almost 1,000 pages of lighting-paced action.
If you love Harlan Coban, Tami Hoag, Michael Connelly or Lee Child, you’ll also love Harry Starke. Harry is no Reacher or Bosch clone. He’s a force unto himself, but the fans love him. If you like realism, fast-paced, nonstop action, you’ll love Blair Howard’s highly acclaimed series. Grab this box set of the first three stories, now. You won’t want to put them down!
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Harry Starke – Book 1
On a bitterly cold night in midwinter a beautiful young woman throws herself off Chattanooga’s Walnut Street Bridge. Harry Starke was there, on the bridge, and he want’s to know why Tabitha Willard decided to kill herself. Was it his fault?

“….she saw me, stopped running, put her hands to her mouth, looked desperately around, then turned, ran to the rail, and started to climb….”

Tormented by guilt and the thought that he might have caused the girl’s death, Harry vows to find out why Tabitha killed herself and plunges headlong into an investigation that involves a corrupt congressman, a beautiful United States senator, a local crime boss, and a sadistic killer. It’s a case that will push Harry to the extremes of the law as he works his way through a web of deceit, extortion, high finance, corruption, sex, and three murders. In the end… well, as always, there’s a twist in the tale, several, in fact.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators