The Hartpury Horror

by J. D. Warner

When criminals make their money-drop in the quiet village of Hartpury, litter-collecting pensioner Molly Turner finds it. Being a frightfully honest lady, she leaves the bag well alone, but the money goes missing and Molly is suspected. A hunt ensues and, as the bad guys torment old Molly (who refuses to be old), she has to fight through her own past trauma to survive the search.

The author lives and writes in the real Hartpury, and knows the history and geography of the region, often walking the paths of her characters. The Hartpury Horror was written to heal a part of her life she laments, a dramatised way to help any who might be survivors.

All profits from the sale of this publication will be donated to Animal Free Research UK.

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Category: Suspense

Molly’s Curse

by J. D. Warner

English pensioner Molly Turner, now safe at the seaside with her family, yet again finds the cartel on her back and is forced to make some life-changing decisions.

After the life-changing events in Hartpury, Molly is at the seaside living and hiding with her son’s family, feeling safe. A chance encounter with a chatty burglar brings the bad guys back into her life just as love finally finds her, and another game of life and death ensues with the stakes even higher than before.

The second book in The Molly Turner Trilogy, Molly’s Curse continues, where The Hartpury Horror left off, with even more wit, danger, and amazing writing.

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