The Hell’s Half Acre Chase

by Daria Migounova

Imagine you picked up a regular newspaper one morning to find that it showed tomorrow’s news. What would you do?

Noa Sinclair is a recent graduate of the enigmatic St. Isidore Home for gifted children. By less than proper means, he lands a job in the Canadian Intelligence Service and becomes fixated on the Niagara Company: an incredibly powerful and efficient criminal syndicate making its mark along the US/Canadian border. He infiltrates the Niagara Co., hoping to uncover their secrets. On the other side of the cat-and-mouse chase is Sebastian Nové, the young and suave boss of the Niagara Co., who has in his possession a newspaper that always prints one day ahead. But a past connection and a hidden motive may throw Noa’s case into disarray. Will he find out what it is before it’s too late?

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Category: Thrillers – Financial

The Hell’s Half Acre Trade

by Daria Migounova

All things hidden eventually come to light – it’s only a matter of when.

In the thrilling sequel to The Hell’s Half Acre Chase, CSIS Agent Noa Sinclair is in too deep with the infamously dangerous and ever-expanding Niagara Company. But he has yet to figure out the means behind the mob’s seemingly prophetic insider trading, or Sebastian Nové’s strategy, and his superiors are getting frustrated.

As he digs further to uncover the truth, Noa gets roped into more than he bargained for. Both he and Sebastian cannot seem to outrun their pasts…

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