The House on Rue Obscure

by Sarah W. Sparx

An ancient house creaks with secrets. The dead owner’s niece, Chantal, hunts answers. Will Berenger, the new owner, be her friend or foe?
Chantal is lonely and bruised by failure. Arriving in France to arrange Aunt Jeanne’s funeral, she discovers Jeanne has sold her lovingly preserved medieval home. Mystified, Chantal embarks on a search for the truth. Soon she is haunted by maddening visions at night and dangerous mishaps by day.
Forced into a wary alliance with Berenger, the new owner, and her top suspect, Chantal finds her heart faces even more danger than her body and mind. This modern Gothic has a fast-paced twisting plot, infused with real history and a strong sense of local atmosphere.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime