The House With No Address

by Curtis Maynard and Lisa Livaudais

Wanting the most for his wife and daughter, Jake seizes the opportunity, when he’s offered a promotion at work. Even though his family must relocate, hours away from the place they call home, accepting a significant increase in income from his law firm seems like the obvious choice. Except, it’s not. With an ongoing, housing crisis, Jake grows increasingly desperate. So, when a friendly, middle-aged man enters their lives, providing a solution, Jake jumps at the offer. It’s an amazing twist of fate. However, fate isn’t always a good thing.
Gabrielle, Jake’s wife, begins to experience oddities within their new house. Repeatedly confronted by a partially-burnt man, she is convinced that the house is haunted. When their daughter is taken hostage, the possibility of this becomes an unfortunate reality.
Will this every-day family survive the paranormal activity that incessantly invades their home?
Or, will they succumb to this evil entity, who’s mission is to destroy them? Find out, in THE HOUSE WITH NO ADDRESS, the paranormal thriller that will leave you sleeping with the light on.

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Category: Suspense