The Hummingbird Wizard: Book One, The Annie Szabo Series

by Meredith Blevins

“…A thoroughly original first novel with characters you’ll never forget.”–Tony Hillerman
“A terrific read!–Clive Cussler
“Stellar” –Publishers Weekly


Once you marry into a gypsy clan, just try to get out! Annie Szabo loved her husband, but after his death, she was only too happy to leave his outrageous clan behind, especially her pushy mother-in-law, Madame Mina. But Mina wasn’t just any pushy relative. As the heart of the close-knit Szabo family, she was also powerful, stubborn, and devoutly to be avoided.

Well, too bad for Annie! When her oldest friend, Jerry, turns up dead, she’s plunged back into the family she tried to leave behind. She knows Jerry was murdered, but how is she supposed to prove it?

Easy, if you’ve got a gypsy family. Or anyway, easier. So before you know it, Annie’s knee-deep once again in ancient curses, petty theft, and, everyone’s favorite–love magic. All thanks to Madame Mina’s psychic skills and a certain wildly sexy gypsy and his shady P.I. father.

As Annie turns amateur detective, THE HUMMINGBIRD WIZARD turns sexy. Truth to tell, it’s probably one of the sexiest mysteries you’re ever going to read, but not because it’s explicit–there’s just something about that…wizard. Lawyers, criminals, kink, magic, and more murder mysteries, coupled with Blevins’ trademark humor, make for a delicious—and very funny– supernatural cozy, with a healthy dose of romance.

But prepare yourself for something really different! Blevins is a very unusual writer. And we’re not the only ones who think so. Some of the most revered authors in the mystery world agreed:

“Meredith Blevins covers new literary ground…pulling it off with flair and grace and humor.” —Jonathan Kellerman

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths