The Hypothesis

by Nick Slade

Answers lie beneath the surface. So does grave peril.

When a high-profile client is murdered in Greece, and an associate is shot dead in Chicago, Sid Aror finds himself heading up the suspect list.

There’s no one he can call on for help for fear of implicating them. Backed into a corner, he’s left with no option but to solve the cases to exonerate himself.

Yet, he lacks the skills needed to unravel the mystery on his own. He’s no sleuth.

On the run, and saddled with deep-rooted fears, Sid creates a hypothesis that explains the murders but quickly realizes that finding evidence to support it is a whole other thing.

His search for the truth draws him into a world of corporate kickbacks, espionage, and underground organizations. Into a conspiracy so big that it could result in the next big war.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime