The Icehouse

by JJ Richards

A Murderer on the Loose.
A Detective Haunted by the Past.
A Race Against Time.

After a body turns up in the sleepy village of Rufford, DCI Jonathan Walker returns from leave of early, his experience deemed crucial for the case. But when it transpires the crime may be linked to a decades old cold case involving the murder of his sister, the crime becomes personal.

When more people start to go missing and bodies turn up with the same bizarre signature, Walker and his team realise they have a serial killer on their hands. But time is running out if they want to save more people from dying, and one in particular, and Walker has to consider breaking the law himself to make things right.

“A moody, enveloping crime thriller.” (SPR Editorial Review)

“Fast paced, with a great twist!” (ARC Reader)

The Icehouse is the stunning debut police procedural crime thriller from JJ Richards.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

The Pike

by JJ Richards

A party gone wrong?
Or a sickening group attack?
Not everything is what it seems, and not everyone is who they appear to be.

A young girl is found dead at the Pike Tower on Winter Hill near Chorley and DCI Walker and the newly promoted DC Briggs are drafted in to investigate. But what they find extends far beyond the Rivington Pike. What seems like a party gone wrong, or a sickening group attack, transpires to be much more, and threatens not only the local community, but Walker and his team too.

Is it a sin if you are the victim?

“Authentically written, patiently penned, and satisfyingly dark, The Pike is a top-flight crime thriller.” – SPR Editorial Review – 5 Stars

$0.99 Previously $4.99