The Idea Man

by Kristin Helling

Words are power, and ideas are dangerous.

Parker Rubec, a quirky hipster writer from Kansas City, escapes his deadbeat life to Paris in attempts to finish his novel. When a mysterious stalker starts leaving him a trail of notes, Parker decides to follow them to catch a good story.

A decade prior, on the other side of the globe, Greysen Price is an inventor whose company betrays him, stealing his prototypes to use against him. In efforts to escape his toxic job, he must erase his identity and flee the country.

Now in the same city at the same time, Parker and Greysen’s stories intertwine. Parker finds the mysterious person leaving him notes to be someone he never expected—someone with a very important lesson to teach.

The Idea Man is a multi-point-of-view comedic thriller, the first book in a trilogy. Lovers of action-packed The Bourne Identity and stories with a touch of awkward hilarity like Midnight in Paris will love this new, plot-twisting thriller.

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Category: Suspense