The Ingenious and the Colour of Life

by J.Y. Sam

A renowned DNA scientist stumbles across a genius gene
Resulting years later in seven perfect, genetically-engineered babies
But as they grow, their brilliance leads to unusual and disturbing abilities
As well as something sinister and dangerous, hidden in the dark…

A unique group of teenagers – they should have been celebrated worldwide as outstanding products of bio-technology, but instead, they are abandoned and anonymous. An ordinary girl next door, a homeless boy rummaging through rubbish, a pampered child of a well-to-do family. They are all but forgotten, until the mysterious disappearance of one of the children brings out of hiding the man that connects them all – Professor Harald Wolff, the genetic engineer who created them. No longer the distinguished scientist he once was; he is now blind, broken, and a recluse.

Brought together, the remaining children’s abilities evolve in unusual and unexpected ways. Forced to confront an unknown enemy, the full potential of their genius is unlocked. But exceptional as they are, they must learn the dangers of being too clever for their own good, and that they are just one small strand in the complex web of life.

No ordinary tale of good vs evil, this story warns of the evil that lurks inside us all, and our struggle to triumph over it with good. And so the Ingenious children must combine their unique gifts to combat the evil within – resulting in an epic battle of the world’s greatest minds.

‘A younger, cerebral “Inception” – this is an intelligent sci-fi thriller, with so many dizzying twists and turns that the shocking reality of the conclusion will leave you breathless.’

$2.99 Previously $9.99

Category: Thrillers – Psychological