Lance Underphal Mystery Series

by Michael Allan Scott

An investigative reporter, she’s tough and smart. A hardnosed homicide detective who won’t give up. And Lance, a psychic photographer who sees murders in his head.
Lurking in the shadows of hard-boiled characters like Harry Bosch, Jake Gittes, and Dave Robicheaux, Lance finds his niche. Down and out, he sells his photos to make rent, pursuing serial killers out of desperation—the voice of his dead wife, echoing his head.
Can Lance’s dead wife release him from this curse?
Deliciously dark. Part murder mystery, part thriller, with a whiff of the supernatural, the first three novels in the series are strangely different—hard-hitting stories of the slain and their sexually deviant killers.
As seen on NBC, The Lance Underphal Mystery Thrillers are inspired by real events.

The first book, Dark Side of Sunset Pointe: A big shot real estate developer, shot to death with his mistress/bookkeeper. Lance wakes up in a sweat, plagued by visions of a serial killer—his dead wife whispering in his head.

Book two, Flight of the Tarantula Hawk: The first corpse, a Realtor, is found murdered in a vacant house, her body decomposing. A freelance photographer, Lance is called to the crime scene, guided by his dead wife. He finds an empty house—the dead, not yet departed. The killer, in a feeding frenzy.

The third novel, Grey Daze: A friend’s uncle is found dead in his home. Haunted by the uncle’s bizarre past, Lance steps in to lend a hand, despite the warnings of his dead wife. Forced to drop his defenses, Lance finds himself battling serial killers in the dark.

Looking for a fresh read? Perhaps a hard-boiled detective series which can be enjoyed in any order? Or maybe a set of those scary books you just can’t put down? Bingeworthy, these disturbing novels won’t disappoint.

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