The Journey Of Hope

by Hayley Summers

Where do you go when your life falls apart?

After her decades-long loveless marriage to an eccentric musician ends with him in bed with another woman, Hope Johnson is left washed up and tired of life. Fighting through a bitter divorce battle, she struggles to re-invent herself and fill the void left by her crumbling life.

But when her cousin appears on her doorstep to whisk her off to her aunt’s surprise wedding – whether she likes it or not – Hope is forced to come face-to-face with her deepest beliefs about family, friendship, and what love truly means. As she grows ever closer to her eclectic aunt, Hope begins to unravel the emotions that she buried deep in her psyche – and along the way, she’ll discover shocking new things about her family that will change the way she sees them forever.

After her aunt falls mysteriously ill, Hope must juggle the task of caring for the woman who has become her second mother with rediscovering her own long-lost dreams and ambitions. And when a dashing suitor steps into her life, Hope will have to decide if she’s really willing to risk giving love another shot…

The Journey of Hope is a fun and cozy contemporary women’s fiction series that explores universal themes of love, relationships, and the true meaning of family.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy