The Junkyard Dog

by Robert Campbell

EDGAR Award Winner — Anthony Award Winner
Is the debris from a blown-up clinic the perfect cover-up for murder . . .? When a demonstration ends with a bomb blast that kills, Jimmy Flannery, a tough Irishman from the 27th ward is on the scent of dirty politics mixed with revenge.
“Dialogue so breezy it stings your eyeballs, spirited characterizations of Jimmy’s proud ethnic neighbors, and the ward healer’s cocky defense of the old ways, the old politics . . . You can’t help liking Jimmy Flannery.”
—- New York Times Book Review

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

The 600LB Gorilla

by Robert Campbell

It seemed like a tragic accident. The best murders always do. . . When the broiler at the local zoo goes kaput, Chicago’s favorite gorilla, Baby, gets transferred to a local hot spot. But things heat up when two customers are found beaten to death and everyone thinks Baby went bananas, but precinct captain Jimmy Flannery is about to risk his life to prove it’s murder. . .
“From Robert Campbell, the author of The Junkyard Dog. . .We expect good writing, and the 600 Pound Gorilla does not disappoint. . .an expert piece of work in which wacky humor and high seriousness are palatably mixed.”
—- The New York Times Book Review
Robert Campbell is an awfully good writer.” —- Elmore Leonard

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