The Killing Woods

by Linda J Berry

Homicide Detective Sidney Becker is burned out. After years of investigations in a big city, she’s haunted by grisly crime scenes and depraved murderers. Seeking balance, she accepts the job of police chief in her hometown—a peaceful mountain community in Oregon.

Life is good. Beautiful scenery. Low crime. Close to family.

Then a woman is found brutally murdered in the woods. The staging of the body is chilling, and resembles another victim found in the same area years earlier. The case went cold.

Now the killer has come out of hiding.

The killer is ruthless, and plans each murder to the smallest detail. The only clue found at the crime scene is an origami butterfly planted on the victim. Inside is a handwritten, meaningless verse.

To outwit a killer more cunning than any she’s faced before, Sidney must decode his cryptic message and lure him into the open—before he strikes again.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths