The King Street Affair

by Jon Sealy

A dead lawyer, half a million dollars, and half a lifetime of keeping it a secret in the Holy City.

Wyatt Brewer has a respectable life: he’s surviving as a newspaper reporter in the 21st century, he’s financially solvent, and he regularly enjoys the culinary delights of the Holy City—Charleston, S.C. But he also harbors a decades-long secret, half a million dollars in ill-gotten gains from a shady judge named Harry Cope, the father of Wyatt’s college sweetheart.

One winter morning, Wyatt is assigned to cover the death of a mysterious Estonian who washed up on Folly Beach. But when intelligence agents Bert Wilson and Penelope Lowe pick him up for an interrogation, Wyatt understands he’s stumbled into an underground world of spies, Eastern European gangsters and corrupt government officials—and his 20-year-old theft has come back to haunt him.

While Bert and Penelope try to work out the connection between Wyatt, the Estonian and a mole within their division, Wyatt must reckon with the forces of fate that have swept him along for two decades. Part southern crime novel, part cat-and-mouse espionage thriller, The King Street Affair is a dramatic exploration of the many ways the human heart can betray us.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage