The Lake House

by Kate Watterson

Lauren Mathews, while lounging on the shore, sees a man lugging something heavy into a boat the morning after she and her friends hear a strange cry ring out across the lake in the dead of night.

Detective Chris Bailey is stumped. He’s trying to solve the mystery of a drowning with an unidentified victim. But with no leads, he’s getting nowhere. And now, at the same lake, two more women suddenly have gone missing.

Chris suddenly finds he has an array of murder suspects but no bodies. At the center of it seems to be a young woman, Lauren Mathews. He doesn’t know what role she plays, but he does know she is of interest to at least three of the men under suspicion.

But a pattern is emerging. Another body surfaces.

The killer will stop at nothing to stay hidden. But as he draws closer to unraveling the mystery of dead women, Chris begins to fear Lauren will be next on the killer’s list.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime