The List

by Michael Leese

It was just an ordinary Wednesday lunchtime when Detective Martha Munro’s life changed forever.

Her sergeant is speaking, but she barely hears what he’s telling her.

Your mother has been shot dead. Your four-year-old daughter has been taken.

There are no leads. Who would want to hurt her family?

Martha realizes it’s time to ask herself some hard questions about her late father.

He led the anti-corruption squad at Scotland Yard. It’s rumoured he kept a list of everyone who worked for him, from coppers to criminals. And just being on that list was a sure-fire way to lower your life expectancy.

Her mother was killed by someone trying to get their hands on that list. Now time is running out for Martha to get her daughter back alive.

Martha is the kind of cop who always goes by the book. But family is EVERYTHING. And she will do ANYTHING to keep them safe.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals