The Little Girl in the Window: A Psychological Thriller

by C.G. Twiles

Bad Things Come in Small Packages

When pregnant prom queen Misty Glass dies, no one suspects who’s responsible: Romy, a fourteen-year-old loner with a desperate crush on Misty’s boyfriend.

Romy never meant for her “harmless” prank to turn deadly…

Twelve years later, she’s a successful artist living in the city when a crisis forces her to return to her rural hometown. There, she starts a relationship with the last man she should—who has no idea Romy is behind the drowning of his high school girlfriend and their unborn child.

Bad lady. Horrible woman!

When a pale little blonde girl with eerily blue eyes starts hurling insults through Romy’s window before vanishing into the woods, Romy fears her past has returned with a vengeance.

She’s never told anyone about the worst mistake of her life. So how does the little girl seem to know about it? Who is she?

And how to stop her before she reveals Romy’s darkest secret?

A new twisty, suspenseful psychological thriller from C.G. Twiles, author of the Top 900 Amazon Kindle bestseller The Neighbors in Apartment 3D, as well as The Last Star Standing, and Brooklyn Gothic.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological