The Lowlands, A Missing Couple—A Family Desperate to Find Them

by Laurel Martin

“A twisty and evocative suspense story.”—The Booklife Prize.

After driving through a violent storm, young married couple, Riley and Jake Marshall wind up stranded with a flat tire off the I95 near Yemassee, South Carolina.

When the tow truck arrives ahead of schedule, the unsuspecting couple climb aboard. What begins as a car theft and mugging, turns much darker when the back-woods car thieves discover Jake’s family is worth millions.

Days pass, and Riley’s strong-willed mother is desperate for answers. Frustrated by the slow-moving police investigation, the family does some detective work of their own. What they uncover leaves them with more questions than answers. Are the police concealing evidence?

Or, does this closely-knit family have a secret they’re keeping?

Sometimes, the answers come from where they’re least expected.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime