The Magnolia Manor Mysteries: The Complete Series: Books 1 – 3

by Joy Patrick

Cozy Mystery Trilogy Series!

Solving crimes at a crusty old Florida inn was NOT in D.C. urbanite Lilly Livingston’s 5 yr plan.

But when she discovers she is the executor of a forgotten stepfather’s will and is gifted Magnolia Manor, in little Drifter’s Cove, Florida, things get a little off track…

The town coroner reports her stepfather died of natural causes, but Lilly is not convinced and joins a motley crew of locals to solve her first case.

Leaving D.C. for good, Lilly’s excited to start her new small-town life and reopen the inn. But, a murder at the grand opening of her newly inherited inn wasn’t exactly the kickoff Lilly was hoping for.

Distraught when a guest goes missing, and a local fisherman pulled up an unidentified body in his fishing net, accusations fly, the inn’s initial warm fuzzies fizzle, and Lilly found herself knee-deep in another murder.

Finally settling into Drifter’s Cove life with this murder mystery behind her, Lilly’s on her way to making the renovated inn an upscale destination and plans her summer kickoff party. But as the posh party ensues, personalities clash, tempers flare, and a guest ends up dead.

Magnolia Manor. Enter at your own risk.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy