The Medlevian Protocol

by Ilex Arbor / JT Lewis

In a time when secrets are hard to keep, there is one that has been kept hidden for centuries…the Protocol.

While the men charged with protecting this ancient knowledge remain steadfast, there appears upon the landscape a dark-hearted man intent on claiming their knowledge by any means necessary…including murder!

Forced to hire someone outside of the Brotherhood to protect their interest…and their lives…they seek the help of private detective Duke Masterson. Appearing laidback at first glance, Duke is actually an astute and confident sleuth.

But Duke, like many in this world, has demons of his own…finding himself too often fighting an internal battle to move on with his life after a crippling loss.

Before long, however, his personal loss has to be shoved to the back burner as he and his expanding crew find themselves nearly blown up when Duke’s office is the target of a bomb. Narrowly escaping that catastrophe with their lives, they find that they must now disappear from sight as they avoid an ever-expanding list of people suddenly hunting for them: including the killer himself, as well as local law enforcement AND a black ops team of soldiers from the Federal Government!

Will they survive long enough to catch the man murdering the Brotherhood’s members? Will the secret remain protected, or will they need to hand it over to a killer to save one of their own?

There is more within this book than can be seen at first brush, secrets that reveal themselves to those that are attentive…as well as a deeper message.

An epic novel about a fictional book hiding a very real secret…the Medlevian Protocol…

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies