The Metronome Man: Bad Timing (A Serial Killer Thriller Series Book 1)

by Chris Bliersbach

All his victims suffered from the same problem – bad timing. And if there was one thing the Metronome Man couldn’t stand, it was bad timing.

Jurgen Boogaard wasn’t always a monster. But he became one through an unfortunate series of mental, emotional, and physical insults during his formative years. As a result, he developed a unique and unhealthy obsession with a metronome. Which eventually led to another more dangerous fixation – wanting life around him to move in adherence to his rules of rhythm

The Metronome Man: Bad Timing is the first book in a serial killer thriller series. Where the rules of rhythm lend new meaning to running out of time and running for your life.

Tick-Tock. Buy your copy now, before you run out of time!

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Category: Thrillers – Crime