The Metronome Man: Bad Timing

by Chris Bliersbach

The residents of Summerville, Washington, didn’t know what danger lurked in Regency Park. And when they finally did, it was too late.

Liu, a young Asian woman, had one of those days where everything went wrong. Which included missing her usual morning run tethered to Rebel, her beloved German Shepherd. Despite the day’s events and the setting sun, she had to get her run in. Unfortunately, she chose the park’s lower trail, ensuring her misfortunes weren’t over.

Liu was just one of many health-conscious people who frequented Regency Park. Sadly, she was also one of several individuals that attracted the attention of the Metronome Man. Not because of her race, her gender, her youth, her looks, or her canine companion. No, she was running at the wrong tempo. A sacrilege that the Metronome Man could not abide.

Most of the time, he could look past those who ran with reckless abandon. But just like clockwork, there came a time when the Metronome Man needed to take matters into his own hands. And this time, Liu was that unlucky soul. She would get her run in, but it would be more than she had ever bargained for. Lending new meaning to running out of time.

The Metronome Man: Bad Timing is a serial killer thriller. Where a healthy run through the park could be the worst decision you ever made.

Tick-Tock. Buy your copy now before you run out of time!

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Category: Thrillers – Crime