The Mirror Box

by Jane Swift

Trust no one. Not even yourself.

Elite dominatrix Eve Selway hatches a hazardous but potentially life-changing plan to steal a fortune from a gun-runner client. Fleeing his hotel room Eve is abducted and drugged and wakes to find she is being held prisoner by a faceless government agency with a sinister agenda: she will be killed if she refuses to impersonate the dead twin sister she never knew she had…

Pretending to play along, Eve assumes the identity of the murdered woman, a contract killer on the payroll of the state, and uncovers a truth more disturbing than she could have ever imagined, leaving her unsure of who or what she is, and if any of her memories can be trusted.

Past and present and reality and illusion blur vividly in this mesmerizingly mind-bending thriller.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies