The Mirrors

by S. M. Barton

Two ex-lovers thrown together in Grenada by someone who knows about their private trysts…three local drug traffickers hired to kill them…and a Russian sleeper network that wants to cover up its penetration into a highly classified CIA communications system back in the States….

When Suzanne Handley receives a cryptic request for help from Brice Burns out of the blue, it upends her tidy world. But how can she refuse him? He’s the one man she can’t forget.

Everywhere they turn, danger awaits them. No matter what they do, they can’t escape it. And they can’t trust each other with the truth about the secret lives they live. But someone knows what those secret lives entail. That someone needs them to take the fall to cover up a Russian GRU-led espionage plot.

As the body count goes up, Suzanne Handley and Brice Burns must work fast to unravel the lies and uncover the truth about a secret network of Russian “mirror” agents deployed to impersonate American intelligence personnel. It’s an uneasy alliance that could get them killed, but if they do nothing, those Russian spies will get away with a deadly cyber hacking that will imperil every CIA officer and destroy CIA operations around the world. Once those spies are inside the highly classified Bellatrix communications system being developed, Moscow can launch the new Cold War from the safety of Red Square.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage