The Mossad Job

by Menahem Misgav

Rotem is a retired Mossad agent and a man who enjoys life to the fullest. One day while on a trip to Europe, he listens to an interview on local radio that infuriates him.

The interviewee, Meshulam Muller, is a Dutch Jew who was recruited into the ranks of the Mossad and was subsequently fired while still in training. Ever since, he has been busy tarnishing the reputation of the organization in every possible forum.

With the same focus of his best days in action, Rotem decides to gather friends who served with him in the Mossad. After so many years of Muller bad mouthing the organization, they decided to run a sting operation on him.

However, the members of the team, who were so used to being at the cutting edge, realize that times have changed. Situations they had never known in their operative past upset their reality through and through and with it, their entire operation.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage