The Nazi Spy: Nazi Spy Mystery Series Book 1

by Alan Hardy

Scotland. 1941. Fiona, rich and privileged, is trapped in a loveless marriage to a Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force. She has set her eyes on the young and very handsome Flight Lieutenant Matthew Manfred, in the same squadron as her husband… But Fiona also has other concerns… Murder has raised its ugly head… Someone close to her has been killed. But who is the murderer? And who might be his (or her) next victim? Fiona sets out to investigate, but there are another two mysteries she needs to solve. Firstly, who has been writing love letters to her? Very beautiful letters, but letters of an extremely intimate nature… Then there’s the other mystery, probably the most threatening of all. She fears there is a spy in her midst…who is about to strike the most lethal blow of all… Fiona has to tread warily because, if she makes one false move, it could well turn out to be her last.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage