The Old Boys

by Mark Gillespie

Three men are kidnapped on the eve of their high school reunion and wake up trapped inside a remote cabin in the Scottish Highlands.

What comes next is the discovery that one of them is a killer.

But which one? Will anyone confess?

As a fierce snowstorm blows outside the cabin, the three men – Jay, Davie and Iain – work to uncover the connection between the kidnapping and their own troubled past. It’s a past that goes back twenty-five years. Back to when they were a gang of teenage bullies known as the Lads – a gang that delighted in torturing their classmates at every opportunity.

The kidnappers are waiting outside. But who are they?

After all these years, have the victims come back to turn the tables on the bullies?

The Old Boys is a dark psychological thriller about friendship and the deterioration of once seemingly unbreakable childhood bonds. It’s also a story of revenge and regret. If you love tense, claustrophobic thrillers packed full of mystery and suspense, you’ll love The Old Boys.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological