The Ophidian

by Daryl McKenzie

Cindy Blair, an award-winning journalist, and consummate investigative reporter, who now has her own highly rated tv show, is informed of an impending takeover of humanity. The story is so unbelievable that she finds it nearly impossible to fathom. Because what she’s unearthed could spell the ending of the world itself.

In this political thriller/horror, Lucas Blair, former detective and bestselling author, loses his wife, Cindy, to something he can’t explain or tell anyone about, for fear that people will think that he’s crazy, or even worse, they’ll think he’s guilty of murder.

Months into his quest for the truth, while still under the scrutiny of the press, he meets a lovely woman, Eva, who has had her own experiences and who has also lost a loved one to these ungodly beings. As they investigate the phenomenon together, which seems to permeate the rich and powerful, Eva finds herself falling deeply in love with Lucas, but Lucas is still mourning the death of Cindy. Even when the attraction becomes obviously mutual, he can’t tear himself from the memory of his late spouse. Begging the question, how long should a man wait to fall in love, following the death of his wife? But none of that will matter if they can’t stop the ending of humanity.

The Ophidian, a fast-paced paranormal novel, packed with twists and breathtaking moments that will make you wonder, how in the world does all this end?

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Category: Mystery – African American