The Oys & Joys

by Marcia Feldt

Every woman buries secrets. Even from herself.

Lizzie, Grace, Sassie, and Ruby — four friends who laugh together, cry together, and keep each other together through life’s Oys & Joys. Until the tragic consequences of a decades’ old betrayal put their friendships to the ultimate test.

A captivating tale about the power of steel-laced friendships and the challenges time harbors.

Four vividly drawn women, intimately familiar and impossible to forget, shuttle back and forth in time, between menopause and youthful heartbreak, middle-age crises and the dramas of life, death, and self-reinvention.

A page turner you will not be able to put down.

Their journey, seasoned with their hearts and souls and abundant humor, includes attempted murder (oops), DNA surprises (it happens), and unexpected sexual awakenings (yes, at any age). Oh, and then there’s the pole dancing for seniors.

Four women who define their moment by revisiting their past to embrace their future.

The Oys & Joys–a touching and absorbing story about secrets never dying quietly. About unlocking truth and defeating regret.

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Category: Mystery – Historical