The Past’s Prisoner

by James Damm

Haunted in the past. Hunted in the present.

Kris Brady’s traumatic childhood gave her a unique power: the ability to see into the past. This unusual capability served as a double-edged sword, enabling her to uncover and exploit hidden secrets.

Suddenly, Leeds is plagued by a series of horrifying murders. Detective Sergeant Harry Blair, battling his own inner demons and insecurities, is assigned to the case. Recognizing Kris’s power as a potential tool rather than a curse, he enlists her help to track down the brutal killer.

Their shared struggles unite them, plunging them into a risky investigation. The path they follow threatens to expose more than just a murderer’s identity. It becomes a journey into Kris’s terrifying past, forcing her to face the haunting memories she’s been attempting to bury.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Thrillers – Psychological